A small family business handcrafting high quality hyaluronic acid products at their purest form.
Based in Cyprus, a small mediterranean island.
Founded by Chris, the scientist with a background in chemical engineering, who really knows his stuff. 
We emphasize on hydration and how to maximise its essential properties in body tissues.
Yes tissues!
Hydration is the key element in every aspect of wellness, the Alpha and Omega of every beauty routine. 
We showcase that through a line of products made with love, purpose and expertise.


Our products consist of high quality Hyaluronic Acid.
A natural moisturising agent that literally attracts water and hydrates.
Purposeful products with complete transparency to the consumer is what we value the most.
We took an honest approach to hydration with the purest formula of only 4 ingredients.
No added parabens, phthalates, sulphates or fragrances.
Never tried on animals. Gender Neutral. Race Neutral. Vegan.

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